OzarkCon Dummy Load Special Antenna
Last year at OzarkCon 2007 a Dummy Load QSO Party was held,
and a tradition was begun.
Prior to OzarkCon 2007, several noted QRPrs had expressed an interest in operating during the event. Setting the ball in motion, WIIT, Bart, obtained the special event call, KN for use during the conference. It was decided to hold a Dummy Load QSO Party for the attendees wherin they could contact KN from their motel rooms during the conference. It was very successful and many contacts were made with KN as well as as room to room QSO's. Special KN QSL cards were distriubuted for those contacts. KN contacts were made across the country as well, since the special event station had an outside antenna. The Dummy Load QSO Party is thought to be the first one of it's kind, at any conference.

However, Some of the Dummy Load contacts were nearly ESP due to the semi shielded nature of the dummy loads in use. The antenna described here provides much stronger signal strength while staying within the concept of a dummy load antenna.

This "pseudo" antenna has proved itself from a motel room at the 2008 St. Joseph, MO hamfest site. Joe, WMQY, heard it plainly 3 blocks away from the motel. At -10 deg F he was too cold to attempt a QSO, but declared the signal plenty loud enough for one, and S9+ in the motel's parking lot. So with that performance I herby name it the
OzarkCon DL Special and invite all to duplicate it for the upcoming 2008 OzarkCon Dummy Load QSO Party. Just tape it on the wall in a big rectangle and have at it.

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